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Customized Herbal Medicine Machine

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Product name:
Full automatic traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine
Automatic pill making
Pill making machine of Chinese Medicine
Water pill machine
Product introduction:
Automatic pill making machine is our company launched a new pill machine, it is specially used in pharmaceutical industry. Our pill making machine has been collected many advantages of past generation of automatic pill making machine in the industry, with a round pill shape, accurate dose, fast disintegration, smooth bar shape, no shed material, smooth transmission, simple operation and the lowest failure rate, between the machine and drug contact parts and the sealing part are all made of stainless steel, bright machine shell, easy to clean, conforms to the GMP Standard Specification. (Note: we can make the blade according to customized tool specifications in order to make the most satisfactory pills for customers)
Function Description: HY-180 automatic pill making machine can make pill, paste pill, water pills, pills, water pills and other pills.
Automatic pill making machine is an ideal pill making equipment which can be used in a wide range of pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmaceutical factory, preparation room, health food factory and hospital clinics, pharmacies and other
Structure characteristics:
1, This machine is composed of bar outcome and pill making, box type structure, horizontal strip design , it has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
2, Bar making is using a worm gear reducer, stable and reliable transmission.
3. Rubbing pilling and pill cutting mechanism are in one gear box, it is good lubricating conditions, pill cutting speed can be adjusted through the torque of 4 stage transmission, the hob can achieve 6-30 rpm, until the speed of bar making and pill cutting can be matched with each other.
4, Large feeding port, easy to feed material, it can prevent shed material phenomenon. Hopper is bounded by the turning plate shaft, divided into two,  convenient to clean.
5, Electric heating is using electric heating tube, safe and reliable, smooth bar making.
Specification list:
Model HY-180
Power(bar making+ pill making) 1.1+0.37kw
Pill diameter 3mm~8mm
Bar outcome 1 unit
Capacity 15~60kg/h
Rated voltage 220V
Weight 175kg
Overall dimension 985*565*830mm
 Customized Herbal Medicine Machine

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