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Outdoor Sculpture For Sale manufacturers China

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Piedra World Limited was established in 2006, which is the professional China manufacturer of Sculptures. The company has manufactured many sculptures at home and abroad, and obtained the great reputation from our clients.
Our main products are: Sculptures & Statues & Reliefs & Fountains & Planters
Materials includes: Metal , Bronze , Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Resin, Stone
Usage scope : Outdoor & Indoor Decoration, Garden Landscape
Production steps: Referenced drawings, 1:1 Clay molds, Every period processing photos, Installation instruction
With more than 10 years of working with artists & sculptors from different countries,  our handcrafting & engineering team are experienced in sculptures' manufacturing, engineering structures and installation.
Our designers can always follow the current fashion trends,good quality and world-renowned ideals. All the sculptures can be customized as clients’ requirements, like the size, color, shape or others.
Really confident that we can provide the products you wanted,and all your designs will be excellent!!
Keywords:Metal Garden sculpture, Stainless Steel sculptures,Outdoor sculpture, Holiday decoration, Church Religious Statues,
Home decor statue, yard animal sculpture,school refief sculpture, Bronze Buddha statues, fiberglass figure statue.
Company Human's culture and travel:
This is one of big parties of our company, which all the colleagues have a good time here.
We have come to HangZhou Place for company's travel togerther in the year of 2011.
This is small town of HangZhou, which has absorbed many people here for scenery.
This is a beautiful night scenery of QingDao Place, which we have stayed here for 3 days and have a good enjoyment.
This is The Great Wall that is extremely famous all over the world. Many foreigners have come here to own a good reminiscence for the life.
Have you attracted by this peaceful and quiet town? This is a natural and beautiful town that can feel the peace of the life when you feel tired.
Deep company's culture, Good development!!!Outdoor Sculpture For Sale manufacturers China

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