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wholesale Rubber Conveyor Belt

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Cleated conveyor belt
Applications: Cleated conveyor belt is suitable for conveyingloose, bulky or bagged materials on inclined surface at angles ofless than 45°
●Cleats and top cover rubber are vulcanized integrally
●Cleat pattern, angle and pitch are designed elaborately
Selection of a type and height of cleats depends on thematerial to be conveyed and the angle of inclination
Type of material: powdery, loose flowing, loose rolling, packedand sticky
Material example: flour, corn, barley, wheat, rye, gravel,ground stone, sacks, paper sacks, wet sand, ash and wet loam
Cleat pattern ranges: conveyor belts with close V type, open V type, C type and Y type etc.
We can also order other patterns for customer as well. wholesale Rubber Conveyor Belt

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