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While you will only need just 63 hunters to runescape 3 gold get started there it is highly advised to have at least 80 hunters prior to arriving at this place. This allows players to use a maximal number of traps, which increases both the exp and gold produced per hour. Achieving the Western Provinces Diary quest might also be required because it opens up red chinchompa hunting ground where players can expect less competition from a the crowd than at other locations. Also, don't forget Eagle's Peak quest since you are required to complete it to set traps for boxes.

Although ginger cousins are profitable to catch they aren't best hunting mob that you can farm. Black Chinchompas are the most profitable Hunter species that you can farm on both for experience and in gold-based products. The fluffy squirrels can bring profits twice as high as Red Chins however there's an issue.

They are located between the 32 and 36 levels of wilderness. It's a common location for player murderers. If you're planning to get Chins in this location, it would be highly recommended to bring with you good armor and food.

If you are being attacked returning to the level 30 Wilderness might be an option but be aware of Teleblock spell. Since the location of Chinchompas is located in these dangerous lands you are able to add a trap. Like with Red Chins - Don't forget that the Eagle's Peak quest has to be completed in order to set traps inside boxes.

From the 5th grade in Hunter level, skill players gain access to traps for birdhouses. This method is different than others because it is performed only once every 20 to 50 mins, based on the type of birdhouse that you are planning to buy fire cape osrs make use of. Each run will take about two minutes.

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