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RuneScape - There are three distinct options

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NMZ was created at the hands of Dominic Onion. Some years ago, Dominic had a dream in which OSRS gold he saw an amazing structure where he was in charge of a profitable and amazing business. After waking up, and went to tell his Dad about it.

All he did was a smile at poor Dominic who said to himself that he would learn the significance behind this dream. He left home to study Oneiromancy in Lunar Isle trying to find the location of the tower from the dreams. When he ran out of funds, he relocated to the north of Yanille where he started the business of selling dreams. The name Nightmare Zone was not designed by Dominic as it's what the citizens from Yanille used to call it.

There are three distinct options - endurance, practice and rumble. Practice - This mode was designed to make sure that those who go into Nightmare Zone for the first time can experience what it can be all about. Bosses in this game are easy and don't give any experiences. There is also no payment cost for entering and quests are the sole requirement.

Endurance - This is a 'normal' mode where players are trying to beat bosses to win. After destroying all bosses the player is then teleported to another location and points are assigned for bosses that he killed.

Rumble mode - is the most significant one since the player will be facing unending waves of bosses until the time he dies or is teleported away. RuneScape players make use of this mode to build their skills and earn points as bosses reward higher amounts of old school runescape buy gold points than other modes.

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