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The truth is that I've been off runescape for about a year

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Gefragt 12, Dez 2021 in Wunsch von MMOruki (1,240 Punkte)

Well , i was once a lover of cutting wood, so i know small amount about OSRS gold  it. Ivy 68-99 is the quickest but you get nothing but birds nests from it, If I were you, I'd make 71-85 yews and 85-99 magics for $ , but if you don't want to spend a lot of cash, use yews all the way.

You could also do maples but they're worth a lot, maples are 100x per log and really fast, almost as fast as maples. Summary: If you're looking for cash 71-85, yews 85-99. If you're looking for nothing whatsoever, 71 to 99 ivy. If you're only looking for the bare minimum Maples or Willows, willows are better but Willows are quicker. It's all about what you want...

Not true... Okay so fastest exp, sawmills, using crystal saw as well as large jobs. Second fastest, cutting teaks, dropping them. 3rd fastest (apparently) artic pines, and cutting them. Fourth fastest, ivy most attractive thing ever, and everyone does this to 99. Decent money? mahogany or yews both are considered to be decent cash.

I was wondering how I can make money fast in that F2P world. I'm stuck with the idea of making 500+ pastry doughs.it will earn you 500k+ .but the reality is that it takes me two hours for me to finish it. Can u guys plz share an idea? Stats at bottom.

The truth is that I've been off runescape for about a year, possibly longer although I popped in occasionally. I am now back full time and have renewed my membership and am hoping to pick up the place I have left off (getting the use of My quest cape). Recently, i've become bored of learning various skills to get my quest cape again and I've decided to buy runescape 3 gold take on some combat training.

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