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In a perfect world blizzard would stop third-party

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Gefragt 15, Okt 2021 in Wunsch von Weiweismart (760 Punkte)

It is really disappointing to see blizzards half ass their WOW TBC Gold original reboot. Double speed, equal loot distribution, and increased overall health of bosses. It's a recipe for accidental guild chaos over loot drama. Although I'm not a fan of buffs for the world, I am not a fan of spending twice as long doing the same thing with no new mechanics. Naxx will take twice as long to attain the same gear . It will not be any more satisfying since it's not different. It's the exact same raid that it was before, and so on.

Even more so, the classic age is gone. I never thought that it would retain the large number of people who played it, but the character clone cost absolutely destroyed it. Because no one likes their time wasted, new comers aren't welcome. It could take months to reach their level, and there's no reason to bother to do it if the server has stopped functioning.

Vanilla/classic WoW is such an opportunity to revitalise WoW while also preserving its history. It's possible to do an OSRS departure, where we could actually anticipate updates to the content. It's frustrating to see how little blizzard is doing for classic WoW all over the world. We don't receive the same amount of attention as our retail customers. I am very disappointed.

Lol Blizzard legit doesn't exist today. It's just a shell for Activision, Bobby Kotick money making every opportunity. Do not expect anything innovative to be released, the classic + is not going to be a reality because it will cost money and creative power to create. You can enjoy TBC and Wrath, maybe an SOM later on but then you'll have to quit. It's never going to get better and nothing exciting can ever be expected to occur.

It is difficult to relax it is hard to enjoy the condition of the game. We can only imagine the situation will be like if wrath is released. It's only a matter minutes before blizzard informs us that we can buy gold directly from them since it's "safer" and it's something that the majority of people are looking for. I'm disgusted by what they've done to this game, both the classic and retail. Fortunately they can't take away my memories of playing this game as a kid way back in the day. they'll never be able to touch that :)

In a perfect world blizzard would stop third-party gold sellers ' websites, and stop players from using those platforms. They wouldn't permit them to integrate their gold for cash shop in the same way, which is what they plan to do. Character boost can be a major issue for the economy. While it doesn't help any profession, it provides players what they need. As you can see by buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold the botting issues but it doesn't help any profession. What do you plan to do?


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