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RuneScape is a job simulator

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RuneScape is a job simulator. It helps you prepare for the real world. The game is about monotonous routine tasks or grinding. To earn gp, you perform monotonous repetitive tasks. Then you spend it on fun stuff. You might consider changing jobs to get a real one. What is it that you do in the bread factory?

Pouring flour, press the button. After a while, your production manager will tell that you turn. Then, you'll hit the button that allows you to slice bread.

It is possible to consider working in a cinema. You take the money, you offer the patron a ticket, then you clean the floor and and repeat. It's exactly the way you train other skills, or woodcutting. Might as well earn a 1,000 real dollars per week rather than rack up buy rs07 fire cape the virtual stuff. Do not become bored playing RuneScape.


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