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Let me use an example as an example.

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Gefragt 8, Okt 2021 in Bug von Weiweismart (760 Punkte)

Jagex forces you to spend money to gain access to. Jagex has raised the bar by making it mandatory to make micro-transactions within the game. If you RS gold don't have JCredits, the game is utterly boring."

Jagex I believe that Jagex, did not respond well to feedback from users. Let me illustrate this with an example from my own life. Imagine getting up at a reasonable time to get up in the morning. When you wake up, you will turn on the lights. You are used to dark rather than light, which is why you'll partially close your eyes and let in as much light as you can manage. As you get comfortable with the light, you'll slowly let your eyes open further, until you are able to fully handle the amount of light the lamp shines upon you.

Imagine it as a bright, sunny day. You'll be completely blinded by the sun when you step out. Again you partially shut your eyes, and keep your eyes closed, or you will wear sunglasses. There will be light coming in your eyes, regardless of how you look at it.

In the above example, you will open or close your eyes based on the circumstances. The amount and quality of light available will affect how much light you can filter. This is what I refer to as dynamic filters and can be easily recognized in virtually every aspect of your life.

My problem with some communities is that they set up policies, or a "filter" that is that is based on the current circumstances, and keep it in place for a long time. The reason for this is that the environment changes quickly and community leaders don't change their policies in line with the changing environment.

In the case of Jagex they've formulated a user-friendly policy and stuck to it, and (as as a result of this policy) the amount of feedback and users is soaring. It's like Jagex is enlarging their eyes whenever they see a bright beam of light. This makes it difficult for them to evaluate every feedback they receive and to fulfill all their wishes.

Jagex isn't the only company I can identify this issue. It is recommended that community leaders create policies to prevent confusion when choosing co-leaders. This is how such policies are usually created however, as you will understand now, sticking with a policy or filter over a prolonged period of time comes with many negatives. When activity is declining websites continue to filter the same amount of 'light'. This results in massive inactivity, and there isn't enough content to be submitted.

Let me use an example as an example. When I am moderating a Clan Chat, the way I talk and behave depends on the number of chat participants. If there cheap OSRS gold are just a few players in CC I will try to talk to them, have fun with them and play around.


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