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When you're going to switch from Runescape to Leescape

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Gefragt 23, Sep 2021 in Wunsch von MMOruki (1,240 Punkte)

"Yes I confirm that we've altered the nature of osrs fire cape service the runes' high alch values. This was not due to BOTS. Let me just clarify why this was done. This update was not a cave to bots or rwt'rs according to conspiracy theory enthusiasts. Our game is completely bot-free.

It was interesting to note that it was initially triggered by some petty payback from another member of the staff here, but as it turned out, it was a good choice. Mod WhatsBotting (my colleague) was on his morning commute to work this week. He enjoys using public transportation to do his bit to keep the Earth from warming up and then exploding within a few trillion year. On the way to the bus stop and passing by the elementary school in the area.

Our Jagex headquarters is situated near the elementary schools, so that everyone is familiar with Jagex and our games. Many of them even play Runescape. Mod WhatsBotting was walking through the school while a group teasing kids began to yell at him using words such as "HAHAHA Failgex worker!" You're games so fail you can acquire nature runes to make money now:L" and "When you're going to switch from Runescape to Leescape"

Mod WhatsBotting was having an awful day. His crumpets weren't cold enough, he'd just had tea and couldn't find the Ipad. Not to mention that he didn't take his Zoloft. The words of the children could have been a powerful arrow for Mod WhatsBotting, who was already depressed.

On the way to work on the bus He pondered the matter and decided to be able to make amends with the kids by lowering the price of natural rune alch. Mod WhatsBotting sits high up in the food chain so no one else can alter his decision, except for Paul who is attending Crumpetfest 2011. The alch prices are set to stay. Remember, don't believe in the conspiracy theories or their stories of buy inferno cape osrs mythical robots.


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