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ESO Gold Farming Method - Go Heavy on Crafting

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Like all good MMORPGs, ESO has its own thriving economy. Just like in real life, money makes the world go round, and a lot of new players want to know how to earn Elder Scrolls Online Gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. Believe me, this article will help you make eso gold, ESO Gold Farming Method - Go Heavy on Crafting

This method goes hand-in-hand with the Grinding Resources method because you have to harvest enough resources to keep up with the demand. However, this method can also be extremely lucrative; a single level 50 character who completes all seven of their daily crafting writs is assured a tidy 4.6k gold per day. This includes the Jewelry Crafting writs, which you have to earn your certification for in Alinor.

If you’re not at level 50 yet, don’t worry – level 6 characters can start completing daily crafting writs after completing the basic certification quests in Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, or Daggerfall. The gold reward per writ begins at 215 gold at level 6: its exactly 664 gold at level 50

Of course, the best way to milk this is to level all eight of your characters up to level 50 and make sure they have all of their crafting certifications. With all of these factors, you can make around 36.8k gold in about 40 minutes, real-time. And your cash flow isn’t necessarily dependant on your progress in the crafting skill tree – you can be terrible at crafting and still complete your daily writs to make money.

However, there are some skills that will increase the returns on your crafting attempts and increase the chance of producing items that will fetch high prices with other players. Alchemy, Provisioning, and Furniture Crafting can make you a tidy sum of gold.

For organization’s sake, pick a city that you always travel to when you’re ready to complete your writs. Some of the best cities for this purpose are Vivec City, Rawl’kha, and Stormhold.

On that note, we recommend picking up the following passive skills for a better return on investment.

Chemistry III (Alchemy): Each crafting attempt produces 4 potions or 16 poisons.

Chef III (Provisioning): Each crafting attempt produces 4 food items.

Brewer III (Provisioning): Each crafting attempt produces 4 drinks.

When you complete a daily writ in a passive crafting skill line that you’ve hit maximum rank in, there’s a high chance that you’ll earn legendary (yellow) ingredients, master writs, and surveys. Items from the former two categories will fetch competitive prices with other players, and items from the latter one will point you to caches of rich resource nodes. Download the Lost Treasure addon to find said resource nodes quicker.

Skills for Maximizing Crafting

Chemistry III (Alchemy): Each crafting attempt produces 4 potions or 16 poisons.

Chef III (Provisioning): Each crafting attempt produces 4 food items.

Brewer III (Provisioning): Each crafting attempt produces 4 drinks.

Helpful Addons for Crafting

Lazy Writ Crafter

Adds a GUI button that will automatically craft your writ items for you.

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