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Jagex and the dangers of A Half Assed Wildy

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Gefragt 10, Sep 2021 in Wunsch von MMOruki (1,240 Punkte)

I believe that the disabling concept could be awe-inspiring and RuneScape gold would be in line with the notion of teamwork. To'kash's Deep Freeze Attack can be modified to only target one player and not freeze for an indefinite period. This would make it more difficult for players to work together.

For tougher bosses I see them throwing in lots of Dung style bosses in the future where there's nothing you need to do to be successful. While some bosses will be less successful than others (Lexicus is one that comes to mind), I think that changing the tactics used to take down bosses is a great way to create more interesting boss battles.

With all the recent uproar over the revival of the wilderness, I'm going take a more indepth look at what this could be for the game, and how the new rules that have been introduced over the last few years would clash with what we now call "the wild" and the issues that this creates.

First let's discuss the boundaries of wilderness, prior to 07 there was no safe zones and this is the basis of the current wilderness design that includes safe zones. Now while you could argue that they should remain, they disrupt the flow of any current PvP fights. They are promoted as a way to jump into a safe zone. This also encourages fighting around them.

This makes it impossible to protect the lawless area. Another problem is the current activities that are taking place in the wilderness. What is their choice? And cheap OSRS gold what impact will it affect the wilderness?


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