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Some players like to demonstrate what they spent

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Gefragt 4, Aug 2021 in Bug von Weiweismart (760 Punkte)

There are times when I've met cool people who have just said hi aion classic kinah when we're both just trying to farm, or even a purple flies past me because there's really nothing to gain by him trying to take me down. However, for each of these situations, there's ten more instances where I'm killed or ganked in 1v3 by a twink, or killed by someone who is more than 10 levels above me without a reason. It's evident that twinks can be used to intimidate players that they know they can easily beat. This is because the majority of people are still level, and the only ones that can beat them are the whales or the no-lifers. This is how aion has always looked back.

Edit: For those of you who are on the other side I'd like to assure you that I understand the appeal. I was the twinkler for quite a long time. But, I have lost the appeal and enjoyment of one-sided dunking.

Wow I love you, dudes! Aion Classic is flourishing because of players who loved the aspect of playing. There aren't any OWPvPvE games remaining due to complaints like this.

"They later implemented rift changes, blah blah". Then the game stopped fucking. It's been less that one month. Let it go. For those who have returned to enjoy the intense OWPvPvE environment should enjoy for a few days before it gets ripped apart once more.

While I'm not intending to hurt the OP but this is the reason I decided to come back. The removal of this part of the game is what has ruined the fun of it for a lot of people.

There are numerous games where you can go into and play on an entirely level playing field and not have to sacrifice any kind of reward. Let Aion Classic be the one you choose. Aion is: A fast-paced, hard-fought, and brutal PvP environment in which every player who achieves the limit of leveling up is an experienced, battle-hardened PvPer regardless of what their goal is to become.

Some players like to demonstrate what they spent dozens to hundreds of hours on and that's the ability to eliminate characters who haven't succeeded yet, and to test it against players who have. While you may fall into this latter category at times, keep in mind that it'll all be up to euro aion classic buy kinah you. Aion Classic might not be for you if that is your way of life. This is not intended to  be aggressive or threatening. It's just being honest.

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