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Other Runescape players told me lag has gone up

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Gefragt 2, Aug 2021 in Wunsch von MMOruki (1,240 Punkte)

Again, details are still being worked out. But, I like the idea of Air Running and RuneScape gold not being restricted by trade limits. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to make the idea work? What Runescape "thing" has contributed to making your Runescape experience the most enjoyable (F2P only). Let's get the game by revealing my choice: Magic level 37. Teleport to Falador (magic level 37), Lumbridge (magic level 33) and Varrock (magic level 25). Teleportation is my favorite thing Jagex has done so far in the game.

What F2P "things" do you love that enhance or enhance your playing experience in Runescpe? Grand Exchange (Buy/sell) is another instance. Guild. Rest feature. I'm very happy that Jagex put this in. The process of waiting for runenergy to recharge was always slow. In actual the fact that you had zero energy was a major motivator for completing the diary of Lumbridge/Draynor.

I needed the boost of 50% in energy that it provided. When I reached Lumdridge Explorer's ring level 1 I was thrilled having that single run energy boost per day! Lumbridge Explorer's Level 2/3 was what made me happy. I could now run boost as often as three times per week. It felt like it was a long time ago. Oh I'm missing Runescape.

I started playing Runescape in December 2008 (with an internet connection that was high-speed) and haven't had any issues since then. Since September 2009, there have been numerous instances of lag. Each time, it was only several seconds. On some other rare occasions, the lag turned into a full freeze or auto-log-out.

Other Runescape players told me lag has gone up due to the number of people logging in to buy rs 3 gold access the new change-your-Runescape-name feature. Are you also experiencing an increase in lag after September 2009?

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