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I'm sick of seeing players spend time in lower levels

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Gefragt 29, Jul 2021 in Wunsch von Weiweismart (760 Punkte)
You've said that you're at level 34. I believe that is a point where you're not a super intense player (or just don't have the time to put in the effort, which is my point) or are you casual. That's where I'd consider myself. Even though I'm not a casual player, I have only subscribed to the game and engage in a steady amount of play each day. For me, a large part of the frustration is the fact that the people hurting me are likely to know they are more powerful or superior to me (if they're a purple even more so) and they'll decide to drive past and kill me or even go so far as to set up camp for hours until they are snatched up. The endgame's content is not fully completed. Dredgion isn't yet out. These players are motivated by the need to make a lot of money and put in for long hours. This is not a novice player, but rather an experienced player who loves pvp.

I get your point perspective. It was quite strange to be up against the purple hues of my 30s just two weeks away from the game's release. It's like... yes get outside and feel some grass, my guy take a break, enjoy some sunshine and stop spending your time trying to make the lives of other players by playing games.

But, I don't want to see this changing. It's the type of environment that made Aion my top choice and the reason I've returned.

A great example is GW2. Regardless of others' opinions I absolutely love GW2 gameplay. However, after a couple of days realizing that my progress does not matter because everything is scaled and it never gets more difficult or easier, players are all in the same way as I am and it's just not doing it for me, I have to shut it down.

It feels good to flex the results you've put in hours to get. While I'm not keen to get angry or beg someone to achieve a feat repeatedly, I have killed players who are at least a couple of levels above me and I enjoy fighting 1 vs . lower-level players. It's fun for both sides, IMO. I enjoy the experience of me with 2 or 3 of my buddies trying to beat a purple reaching a point or success, or just getting with a stomp and saying "Wow this dude is badass" equally as I like running up and wiping out a whole bunch and then saying "Fuck I put in a lot of effort to achieve that".

I'm sick of seeing players spend time in lower levels for extended periods of time. I'm with you... have a life. It's a waste of time, and you are not cool. A nice way to kill some people, such as "Get injured children, and one day you will be being able to do it too" It's a different idea from "I'm likely to ruin the person's day and make them decide to avoid playing". The  later of the two isn't a good idea, but it's a naive side effect of being able to have the former. I'll stick with the full-on PvP game any day.

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