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Yet, at a time, I don't want the situation to change.

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Gefragt 17, Jul 2021 in Wunsch von Weiweismart (760 Punkte)

There are a myriad of games where you can go to play and aion classic kinah enjoy an unrivalled playing field without having to be working for any kind of reward. Let Aion Classic be what Aion is: a high-speed, intense, and tough PvP experience where every player who achieves the level cap will be a battle-hardened, professional player, regardless of their desire to be.

Many people like to showcase what they've spent hundreds to thousands of hours working towards the capability, not solely to dispel characters who do not have it yet but also to evaluate their skills with others who have. Just because you may fall into the latter class at times, do not ignore the fact that time will arrive at. Aion Classic might not be the right choice for you if it is not your fashion. I'm not saying that in a way aggressively or confrontationally. Simply speaking the truth.

For comparison, I am in the 34th level of gladness at the moment and find myself in the shit the majority of the time. I am a sucker for not being in the hunt, and I'm sure that I will one day be hunting more than I am running after I turn 40.

Yes, I can appreciate the appeal and why some people love it. Even I felt some tingles when I used to play 10 years ago, but my outlook has evolved since the time I started. Gaming has made me more relaxed, but that's not what I was hoping to achieve.

You've stated that you're at 34. I believe that puts you at a place where you're probably not a intense player (or simply don't have the time or money to invest in it is what I'm trying to say) neither are you a casual. I would also put myself in this category. While I'm not exactly a casual player, I've only subscribed to the game and engage in a steady amount of play each day. To me, however, the majority of the anger stems from the fact that the players taking me down know they're able to outclass me (if they're a purple even more so) and they'll decide to drive past and kill me or go so that they camp in areas for hours until they get hunted down. There's hardly any ending game content available. Dredgion isn't even out. A large portion of the players' primary motive is to be able to advance by working long hours and take advantage of low-cost players. It's not like a rookie player, but an experienced player who enjoys pvp.

I get your point view. It was quite strange to play against purples when I was in my 30s and just two weeks from the day the game was released. Do you know what to do? Go out, play in the dirt, my man and bask in the sun. Do not try to affect other people's lives in game.

Yet, at a time, I don't want the situation to change. This is why the atmosphere that I was in inspired me to love Aion so much and this is why I decided to return.

GW2 is a great example. Regardless of others' opinions, I really enjoy GW2 gameplay. After a few days I realized that my progress was useless because everything is scaled up and down, the difficulty never getting less or more difficult and the players are exactly the euro aion classic buy kinah same as I am. It's just not working for me.

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