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Top Tips to Ranking Up Fast in Rocket League

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How to rank up in Rocket League is a question everyone is asking that might be stuck at the silver or gold level. Trying to go from Bronze I to Grand Champion? If you're trying to up your competitive rank in Rocket League there are a few things you need to know.In this article you will know everything you need to know to rank up. To increase your rank you need to win games in competitive mode. So in order to become better and win more games, some of the following tips are best to use in order to improve your game.

Choose the maps you're good atPick your map preferences before each game by clicking on the ‘arenas’ tab in the competitive menu. This means the odds will be in your favour when you’re matchmaking, and you can play to your strengths.

Play different game modes

This one may come as a surprise to many but Rocket League isn’t only Soccar. It’s also Hoops which is basketball, Rumble which is Soccar on cocaine and Dropshot which is Rocket League but different.

Of course, there are players who main these playlists but as someone who doesn’t, these game modes just represent a chance to goof off with friends and try different things.


This term refers to the rotation of roles you can play within a team. Learning when to attack, when to defend, and how to fill a gap in the team roles is essential in team play. If, in a 3v3 match, your whole team goes on the offensive, then your goal is left defenseless and easily scored upon by the other team. Tying in with the former tip, this gets easier when you play matches often.

This skill also requires a bit of positioning and awareness of the field. What good is knowing when you should attack when you don’t know where you should be at that moment? Rotation is more of an application of all the important skills for each role you can play, so it’s highly recommended that you play and practice.

Play Quick Play Matches First

Quick matches are a way to warm up before the big event. Think of it as how athletes stretch and do shootarounds before. There is less at stake in Quick Play and it’s a way to shake off the rust, both figuratively and literally since we are dealing with an actual car here.

Once you feel like you’re back into the swing of things, jump into competitive play. We’d recommend being able to string together a few victories before you decide to make the jump. Make sure you can pull off all the moves you know how to do and then you should be all set.

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