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How to Pick Your Main Role in League of Legends

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There is nothing stopping you from jumping between roles in LoL Account but it’s hard to deny these benefits to settling down on one:

Limit your variables

Every time you queue into a game of League, the factors you are presented with are different game to game. You’re facing different players, champions, builds…the list goes on.

By focusing in on a role, you limit these factors and can more easily learn what you’re likely to deal with and how to beat them.

Discover nuances

Improve positive consistency and results

Although Riot encourages you to play within five designated roles, the biggest decider is how you personally like to play.

All the LoL roles

In this section we will have League of Legends roles explained, what your champion needs to fit and which champs currently enter each role:

Top Laner

The primary goals of a top laner are breaking the enemy lines in team fights and creating space for your team by split pushing. Basically, this role is isolated from the others: most of the combats are 1 vs. 1. Probably the only times when the top fights back-to-back with allies are Baron battles and end-game team fights.

You shouldn’t try to become the main source of damage to the opposing team. The top laner’s responsibility is to apply pressure on fragile enemy heroes (such as a marksman or the mid laner) in order for them to run away from you. And this is how the victory is gained: when your carry stays in position and deals damage while your foe’s carry tries to get away from you.

Pick an independent champion with good survivability. It’s important for a successful split push, which significantly pressures the whole enemy team when applied correctly. The best champion types for this position are the tank, the bruiser, and the split pusher. It’s a good idea to select a hero with good crowd control and tankiness: after leaving the top lane, you will find yourself in a fight on a front lane. A reasonable champion pick for this role is, for example, Ornn, Garen, Malphite, or Darius. There are plenty of practical guides on how to climb as a top laner.


When in mid, champions with mage characteristics or similar skills are often used. Although some champions like Talon break this mold. They are also known as AP Carrys because they climb with Ability Power.

Some excellent champions to use in mid are Diana, Akali, Fizz, or Vel’koz, who individually can reel in their team. So, to sum up, the most important features of a mid-lanner are attack and speed.

an AD assassin (Zed), who will put great pressure on the lane opponent;

an AP assassin (Fizz or Ahri) or a more classic mage (Xerath, Syndra) who will clear minions wave after wave without letting anyone touch them.

Midlane characters are usually a snowball-type. This means that if the enemy managed to kill you once, they would be able to continue the trend. Therefore, you need to be always aware of the foe’s jungler position. Be sure that you get as much farm as possible in case you don’t feel strong enough to kill the lane opponent. As the mid laner is using abilities very often, an ally jungler may give you a Blue buff. Try to not to do any reckless moves with it to avoid granting such a valuable present to the opponents.


The Jungler is in charge of supporting each of the other lines and collecting the jungle boosts. It is a style of support although with other characteristics that make it a more versatile role. In this case, the champions that are usually used are Lee Sin, Nautilus, Nocturne, or Jax for better performance.

A good jungler tactic to overpower the foes is to generate an invisible threat. Merely strike the enemies from behind. Observing their activity and guessing the next step will help you to succeed. Although this isn’t a chess field, it will help a lot of you develop analytical skills. A GOSU voice assistant may be of great help here: it will facilitate adjusting the next move according to the current situation on the Summoners Rift.


The “AD Carry” champions attack from a distance. Their ultimate goal is to be able to eliminate enemies with ease and to be one of the champions is to do more damage in the game. Some good champions for this role are Miss Fortune, Vayne, Sivir, Caitlyn, or Tristana thanks to their skills and performance.


Supports operate in the background, assisting the other roles. They don’t score a high level of kills, yet they still fulfill a critical function: facilitating the allies’ game, particularly the ADC. Although it may seem rather boring, the existence of the performing support results in a competitive advantage.

This role encompasses champions of very different playstyles - from fragile healers and mages to full-tanks. Some are excellent shields yet generate little to no threat, while others have the power to solely kill an ADC at the cost of no buffs or healing. For example, an enchanter is a typical support: it’s good at healing, shielding, and buffing up its teammates. Impressive performance is guaranteed in the laning phase due to the ability to sustain the carry even from far away.

We've gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you Pick Your Main Role in League of Legends. We hope you enjoyed this guide. Did you want to find Your Main Role in League of Legends or Buy League Accounts , click https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts

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