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Tips to Clean Synthetic and Real Rattan Furniture

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This guide is specifically for Garden Lounge Set maintenance. Resin wicker is naturally more resistant to moisture and weather than organic rattan, so maintenance will be less demanding. This guide is intended for customers who have purchased any of our resin wicker patio sets. Luckily, we are here to help! The following practices, if performed regularly, will ensure the longevity of your beautiful resin wicker Insahre furniture so you will be able to proudly show off your patio furniture set for years to come.

To Clean Synthetic Wicker Furniture

Once upon a time, I did own lots of real wicker! It was comfortable and forgiving, and it looked great on my three-season sunroom. The reason that I began upgrading to synthetic (resin or PVC) woven furniture is that I transitioned to needing dedicated outdoor pieces, and synthetic was so much easier to clean.

Woven synthetic furniture is simply easier to wash down than natural wicker. Bird droppings, pollen, and weather don’t do as much damage to the woven finish. However, while rain helps to keep build-up at bay, it's never completely washed clean underneath chairs or between the overlapping weave. Plan a soapy deep clean once-a-month, and your outdoor furniture will be ready for any impromptu gathering.

Start by dusting the furniture with a bristled brush, especially the back, legs, and underneath area, which tend to collect dust out of plain sight.

To Clean Real Wicker Furniture

The process of cleaning natural wicker isn’t that much different. Bear in mind that you’ll have to be gentle with the brushes to prevent fraying and splintering, and allow for extra dry time as the wicker will absorb the water you used to clean.

Begin by removing all cushions, and using a soft-bristled brush to agitate dust, dirt, and pollen that has settled on the surface. If you use natural wicker furniture indoors, dusting is a good routine for cleaning for those pieces as well.

Though the brush loosens debris, the dust is still bound to settle in its tight weave, and you’ll want to get as much of it as possible out before you wet the wicker. To do this, you can also vacuum, or use an air compressor to loosen additional dust so that it doesn’t become more trapped once in contact with water.

While you’re dusting, be on the lookout for mildew in areas on the arms or beneath the seat cushion that may become saturated with moisture but not dry easily. Apply a spray that’s 50% hydrogen peroxide/50% water to these areas to let it begin to absorb.

Create a bubbly bath of dish soap and warm water and use a sponge to apply it directly to the wicker. Allow the soapy water to drip between the layers of wicker. Place an emphasis on distributing those soapy bubbles so they get everywhere!

If you are looking for some more advice on how to care for your cane or rattan furniture then visit the professional Outdoor Lounge Set Manufacturer - Inshare Furniture(Zhejiang) Co., Ltd https://www.insharefurniture.com/product/garden-set/

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