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Making WOW Gold Classic with Your Profession

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Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Best Profession Tier List, here we rank the best trade skills for PVP, Making WOW Classic Gold for Sale and even Raiding. Depending on what content you plan to focus, deciding on your Profession will assist you quite a lot throughout your time playing. If you are not sure what you want or maybe just interested in it all, then picking based on your class might be what you are looking for, and we have that listed below as well.

What Are the Most Profitable Profession Types?



No surprises here since these two particular profession categories have been providing WoW players with sustainable profit for a long time now. Before we move on to the actual professions, let’s see what these profession kinds mean:

Gathering Professions

These let you harvest ores, herbs, meat, leather etc. Eventually, these resources can be used by other professions in order to create consumables, items, gear and so forth. Alternatively, you can sell some of the things you’ve gathered directly on the Auction House – if they’re BoE of course.

Crafting Profession

To craft anything, you require materials and these materials come from the gathering profs. These enable you to create anything from powerful gear and even trade goods. As you might’ve guessed, selling certain high-demand weapons, armor etc. can turn out to be a rather lucrative in-game business.

The great about these two profession categories is that they go hand in hand, meaning you can combine them to great effect. For example, you can pick Mining as your gathering prof and then choose Blacksmithing for crafting, thus feeding your production profession through the materials you gather while questing or deliberately looking for resources nodes.


Enchanting can be profitable, but takes a heavy time and gold investment to get there. Enchanting is one of the most expensive professions to level, and to make any meaningful income you will need to get access to rare enchanting recipes, most of which drop from Molten Core. This means you will need to be raiding Molten Core, usually as your guild's designated Enchanter to ensure that you are given the recipe drops. Even then, most of the important recipes are incredibly rare, sometimes taking months to drop.

Even if you successfully get the rare enchanting recipes, Enchanting faces another major issue. You cannot "craft" enchants in WoW Classic. The only way to enchant gear is to trade someone and have them put their piece of gear that they want enchanted into the "will not be traded" slot so you can enchant it. This means you cannot use the Auction House to sell your enchants, which severely limits your income potential compared to other professions. The only way to make money is to advertise your enchanting in chat, and have people pay you to enchant their gear, which can take lots of time for a sometimes small profit margin depending on how desirable and rare your recipes are.


Leatherworking allows you to Craft Leather and Mail Armor pieces, as well as Cloaks, Quivers, Ammo Pouches and various Armor Kits from raw Leather, Hides, and some other, more rare materials. At high skill levels, Leatherworking branches into three distinct specializations:

Dragonscale Leatherworking - Focuses on crafting Mail Armors well-suited for Hunters and Shamans, and requires a lot of Dragonscales for its Patterns. Notable Dragonscale Leatherworking-Specific crafts are Chromatic Gauntlets (they provide some Attack Power, 1% Crit, and +5 to Nature, Frost, Fire, and Shadow Resistances), Black Dragon Mail Set (four pieces set that provides a lot of Fire Resistance and Attack Power which makes it great for Hunters and Enhancement Shamans), and Dreamscale Breastplate (which is Best in Slot for Hunters and even Warriors or Paladins for the AQ 40 Nature Resistance Gear that is mandatory for some encounters).

Elemental Leatherworking - Focuses on crafting Leather Armors with mainly Rogue/Feral Druid stat combinations. Notable Elemental Leatherworking-Specific crafts are Molten Helm and Molten Belt (these are great for the Molten Core, as they provide you with Fire Resistance), Stormshroud Armor Set (four pieces set used mainly by Feral Druids), Shifting Cloak, and the Living Breastplate (Suited mainly for Restoration Druids).

Tribal Leatherworking - The most popular out of the three Leatherworking Specializations. Tribal Leatherworking focuses on making Gear with Intellect and Spirit stats, which is best suited for Restoration and Balance Druids, but the abundance of highly demanded Crafts makes it very desirable for any Leatherworker. Notable Tribal Leatherworking-Specific crafts are Corehound Belt and Hide of The Wild (Best in Slot Healing items for early Raids), and Devilsaur Armor (two pieces Leather set that provides Attack Power, Hit Rating and Critical Strike chance and is very desirable by Rogues, Feral Druids, and all other Physical Damage Dealers),

These specializations limit you when it comes to the variety of High-Level items that you can craft, as you can pick only one of them, which blocks you from learning Recipes specific for any of the other two. If you are Profit-oriented, you should probably choose between Dragonscale and Tribal Leatherworking.

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