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Small Metal Stamped Parts manufacturing

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Shengyang Precision Metal and Plastic Co.,Ltd has been focusing on development, production and sales of precision metal machining parts and injection molded plastic parts since 2012. Our machining capability includes CNC machining, milling and turning products, precision stamping parts. Auto lathe turned metal parts, such as brass insert, dowel pin, standoff screw and rivet nut...and plastic injection parts which are Widely used in Medical, health care,mechanical, electronics domains and home appliances. We have our own mold making department in-house.
With automatic lathes, CNC lathes, sophisticated CNC machining centers, stamping machines and cold heading machines,engraving and line cutting machines,we are able to support every different components regardless of the prototyping or series production.
Providing the best custom machining service
With strong machining capability, we can provide flexible solutions to meet customer requirement. Our complete quality control system protects customer by assuring them of 100% inspection and tests before shipment. Now we have earned trust from worldwide customers like Australia, North of America, West Europe, Canada and Vietnam.Small Metal Stamped Parts manufacturing

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