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Hydraulic Two Post Car Lift suppliers

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Shanghai Jiuya Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacturing of automobile lifters. JY is located in Jiading district, the town of automobile industry in Shanghai.
1.Staff Number: 100
2.Organization Structure: Finance Department, HR Department, Production Department, Purchase Department, International Trade Department, Logistics Department
3.Production Experience: We have production experience over 20 years. We can do the best from product design to the processing of each part.
4.Production Capacity: 3000 lifters per month
5.Annual Sales Turnover: 80,000,000
Car Lift Factory  
China Car Lift Factory
Portable Car lift Factory  
Car Parking Lift Factory
Oriented in market, JY takes the development of new products as its own task. By introducing the Italian technology and high-quality fittings from worldwide, JY has designed and produced the very superb JY series lifters, which feature innovative design, compact structure, strong bearing-capacity and reliable performance. Our products have been exported to many countries overseas and well recognized by users.
JY has successfully passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification in 2002, and been awarded WELL-KNOWN CHINESE PRODUCT by Chinese Social Investigation Bureau in 2005, as well as acquired the CE approval in 2006.
  Hydraulic Two Post Car Lift suppliers

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