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Fire Fighting Nozzle wholesale

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Product Name:High Pressure Fire Hose Nozzle
We Safety Plus Industrial Co., Ltd is a reputed suppliers of all types of high pressure fire hose nozzle and all ranges of fire hydrant hose nozzle. With our commitment for quality and well developed supplying fire fighting equipments, we ensure to supply our range with the reliable quality products in the global market.
High pressure fire hose nozzle is that can operate at a higher pressure and eject water. That features long range, high strength and heavy duty. Suitable for cleaning, atomizing, spraying functions, etc.
High Pressure Fire Hose Nozzle
gh Pressure Hose Nozzle
Features and Advantages
1. Heavy-duty.
2. Solid metal construction with rubber coverage to effectively avoid rusty and corrosion.
3. Inlet Size F1.5''NH/F2.5''NH/F1.5BSP/2BSP available.
4. Long range and large amount of water.
5. Long functional life, Perfect finish.
Model No.SP04-03-49SP04-03-53
MaterialBrass, PolycarbonateBrass, Polycarbonate
Inlet SizeF1.5''NH/F2.5''NH/F1.5BSP/2BSP3/4''
Outlet SizeФ20Ф18.5
High pressure fire hose nozzle have long range, high strength features fits most regular garden hoses, great for cleaning cars, house, fire fighting and other commercial and industrial applications.
Presale: Swift reply for enquiry, full information to provide best suitable products, provide samples.
Fire fighting solution: We supply full range of fire fighting equipments.
After sale service: Testing before shipment, supervision for loading, track of shipping.
OEM service, customized label, customized package etc.
1. What materials of fire hose nozzle you have?
A: Our fire hose nozzles are made from heavy duty materials, such as alloy, aluminum, brass and polycarbonate.
2. Do you supply fitted fire hose and other water way products?
A: Yes, we provide fire hose and all range fire fighting products.
3. Does the nozzle adjustable for water streams?
A: Yes, we have nozzle adjustable spray, fog and straight streams.
Safety Plus is the leading manufacturer and supplier of fire hose water nozzle and fire extinguishers, fire hose reel and other fire fighting equipments with advanced facility and technology to serve the fire fighting industry. We always provide the high quality certificated products and strive to exceed your expectations on every deal.Fire Fighting Nozzle wholesale

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