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PTP Cnc Router for sale

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Cnc router with ptp ,PA-3713, it is mainly used for solid wood composite doors,for example for door seals lock and hinge processing operations,solid wood composite door parts can be one-time processing is completed.
Each production process, milling, sawing, drilling, can be done at the same time inside molding, such as double tenon holes, door core processing.
Break through the traditional processing mode, at the same time instead of six kinds of traditional processing equipment, and greatly shorten the production process and processing time.
Combination, specializing in the production of real wood door, solid wood arched Windows and doors, solid wood packaging processing framework, etc.
Main configuration:
Working area:1300X3700X200mm
Spindle:18KW Italy HSD ATC spindle
Spindle RPM:6000-24000RPM
Boring head:Italy HSD 7V2H boring head
Motor:Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Table:8 rows PTP bench flexible vacuum table
   18pcs vacuum pad
10pcs pneumatic clamps
16pcs positioning pins      
Tool magazine:Carousel 8pcs auto tool changer HSK-63F
Controller:Syntec 20A
Guide:Taiwan Linear ¢30 square
Inverter:22KW Delta
Becker pump
Dust collector
Working size can customized
Details show:
Spindle and Boring head
Imported parts to ensure working speed,long service life.
Imported parts makes machine has high accuracy.
Control system
It can be compatible with many types of software.Such as CAD,CAM software.
Taiwan precision N class liner guide way with precision less than 0.02mm.
Ball screw
Taiwan original ball screw,precision is less than 0.03mm.
Carousel 8pcs tool changer
Could get the finest cutting edges,
and has own servo motor.
Becker pump
Stable performance,small noise,
long service life.
PTP bench flexible vacuum table
Cylinder control fixture table, the fixture through the guide can be adjusted before and after four directions,
Auto oil lubrication system
Centralized oil lubrication puts oil where it is needed with the push of a lever,it makes maintenance easy.
Product Application:
1.The furniture industry: cabinets, doors, panel, office furniture, doors and windows and chairs.
2.Wood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines, musical instruments.
3.Decoration industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, glass, plastic, and copper and aluminum and other soft metal sheet cutting engrave wash.
Machine show in factory:
Our service:
a). One year warranty and we supply maintenance for free.
b). 24 hours technical support by phone, online or mail.
c). User-friendly English manual and Video is available for machine using and maintaining
d). Free training in our factory to ensure that you can master the operation of the machine.
e). We can provide oversea service.
Packing and delivery:PTP Cnc Router for sale

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