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Chromic Acid wholesale

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High purity chromium has good toughness. Non-iron based precision alloy with high temperature and corrosion resistance, especially the necessary material of chromium base alloy, has important applications in the fields of aerospace industry, jet aircraft manufacturing and gas turbine manufacturing.
In order to avoid iron, silicon, aluminum and other impurities, industrial production of high purity chromium must rely on electrolysis.
Chromium trioxide is an important chromium compound and a strong oxidizer. Mainly used in the electroplating industry, making the raw materials of electroplating chromium such as bicycle, watch, instrument and daily use hardware, and also used in manufacturing high purity metallic chromium. It is the raw material of low temperature conversion catalyst, high temperature conversion catalyst and high pressure methanol synthesis catalyst.
In the process of producing high purity chromium, chromic trioxide is prepared into electrolyte and electrolyzed through electrolysis cell, and finally metal chromium is deposited.
Product nameChromium trioxide
Chemical nameChromium trioxide
Chemical FormulaCrO3
Molecular weight99.99
CAS number1333-82-0
EINECS number215-607-8
Regulatory InformationUN 1463
Product description:
AppearanceDark red or dark purple skew square crystal
Package50kg woven bag with PE liner
ApplicationsElectrolyte for making chromium metal
Supply capacity5,000MT/year
Technical Parameter:
( premium grade )
Chemical CompositionCrO3 (%)≥99.8
SO4 (%)≤0.05
Water Insolubles(%)≤0.01
Na (%)≤0.04
( lite grade )
Chemical CompositionCrO3 (%)≥99.2
SO4 (%)≤0.2
Water Insolubles(%)≤0.05
Na (%)--
NTU--Chromic Acid wholesale

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