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Graphene Powders suppliers

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1、TYPE: SE1231、SE1232、SE1233
(1)Lower percolation value than that of conductive carbon black.
(2)Easy to be processed and dispersed with ultra-thin planar structure.
(3)1-3% addition is suggested for conductive coatings.
(4)Can be used as additives in cathode or anode of lithium ion battery to increase the battery’s capacity, cycling life and rate retention.
(5)Can be integrated to prepare the thermal conductive composites and thermal radiation coatings.
Use for coatings, printing inks, polymers, batteries, thermal conductive gels and LED.
Type Specifications
Appearance pH Tap density(g/cm3) Specific surface area(m2/g) H2O(wt%) Particle size(D50,μm) C(wt%) O(wt%) S
SE1231Black Powder6.0~8.0<0.1160~240<1.0<10.0≥98<1.0<0.1
SE1232Black Powder6.0~8.0<0.1260~350<1.0<10.0≥98<1.0<0.1
SE1233Black Powder6.0~8.0<0.1400~550<1.0<10.0≥98<1.0<0.1
Wear appropriate protective clothing and safety gloves to avoid direct contact with body. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Take appropriate processing approaches to avoid dust. Keep ventilation and install dust collectors to avoid inhalation. Load and unload carefully to protect from package damage.
Store in tightly-closed containers in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, and keep distance from ignition sources or heat. Separate from strong reducing agent and combustibles. Make sure the packages are free of damage or leaks, Use product immediately once the package is opened. Partly used packages should be tightly sealed again. Product is moisture sensitive. If product picked up moisture, either due to damage of packaging or open storage, dry product for several hours at 80 oC to achieve moisture free status.
Avoid insolation, rain, leakage and labels off. Throwing is prohibited. Load and unload carefully to protect from damage. Stay away from ignition sources or heat. Can not be transported with corrosive materials.
Quality guaranteed if stored under suggested conditions.Graphene Powders suppliers

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